Introducing the OWN Token DonCha — A Fun App/Challenge For Decentralized Philanthropy

The prevailing cynical view on cryptocurrency

Traditionally, cryptocurrency has been seen as a gamble at best, illicit funds at worst. There are several negative stereotypes attached to cryptocurrency, perhaps stemming from its decentralized nature. There is no central governing body that controls the flow of Bitcoin in and out of countries, except a few regulatory authorities in developed countries. Satoshi Nakamoto is a faceless entity. Craig Wright is most definitely not Satoshi, but he very well could be, along with Changpeng Zhao, Vitalik Buterin and countless others. Although every transaction on the Blockchain can be traced back to its source wallet, the wallet address doesn’t reveal the person’s identity. This anonymity has made cryptocurrency a secure form of monetary exchange in general, but it has also enabled drug peddlers, child pornography distributors and other degenerates to use it for illicit and illegal purposes, making it an easy target for governments and tyrannical figures worldwide that advocate for a blanket ban on cryptocurrency. However, cryptocurrency isn’t inherently bad. Just like money, it serves a purpose. In the case of the OWN Token, that purpose is very specific and very benign.

So what exactly is the OWN Token?

The OWN Token is an ERC-20 token (a token on the Ethereum blockchain) whose main purpose is to be used to fund philanthropy, scientific research, better disaster management, and education. The first ever Initial Exchange Offering for OWN is going to take place November 1st, 2020 onwards on the VinDAX exchange, and by Q4 2021 we hope to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. It is our hope and desire to not only dispel the negative stereotypes around cryptocurrency, but also contribute to a better world.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new challenge going forward for both early and late adopters of our coin.

Introducing DonCha

DonCha is a donation challenge that will take place in 15 distinct stages, each stage progressively more fun and productive than the next. DonCha is going to be the ultimate test of creativity and dedication, and the efforts you put into the challenge will culminate in your receipt of OWN tokens and a certificate from our side, being recognized by us as a ‘Super Philanthropist’ who has contributed the most in our eyes to a decentralized approach to making the world a better place. In a world full of evil people, you will be an OWNian, a force for good. All 15 stages of the challenge will test your creativity as well as your bent for philanthropy, leading up to a leaderboard where you, the OWNians will receive a certificate and OWN commensurate with your efforts, proving that you are without a doubt the antithesis of the the negative stereotypes associated with crypto, the corrupting influences on society, and yes, the bureaucratic figures that seek to tear down cryptocurrency and a decentralized economy out of sheer spite and xenophobia (fear of the unknown). Best of all, DonCha will take place on our brand new DonCha app.

We will be sharing more details about DonCha and the DonCha app on all our blogs and social handles, so stay tuned for updates. You could be the light of someone else’s life, an angel that lifts them out of darkness. So stay safe, stay at home, and remember, #OWNToMoon

By Charioteer Mode

Crypto & Blockchain lover :)

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