OWN Token listed in 3 Exchanges !

Own Token to raise funds for Charities, Social cause, climate change,natural disastrous, diseases, new inventions . The funds raised by Own Token go to start-ups first, who in-turn It is the first sustainable charity, and it creates new jobs in start-ups at the same time. also we will collaboration with many charity platforms, foundations, trusts and apps.

Now that is a good thing for you, for charities, for start-ups and for the world.

OWN Token Trading Competition — Rules

Minimum amount of OWN to trade — 1000 OWN

Trader will receive X 100% (1000 for 1000 OWN)

Trader send Screenshot or transaction link to our official twitter or Telegram Group

Trade on DEX — https://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0xcc6f15be8573cb8243c42d300565566d328213dd

Trade OWN Exchange — https://pro.bitphantom.io/trading/owneth

Trade on Token Store — https://token.store/eth/trade/OWN

Twitter : https://twitter.com/OwnToken

Telegram : https://t.me/tokenOWN

Token Name : OWN Token

Symbol : OWN

Blockchain : Ethereum

Total Supply : 7,000,000,000

Contract : 0xcc6f15be8573cb8243c42d300565566d328213dd

Website : http://owntoken.xyz

CoinGecko link https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/own-token

Bitphantom EXCHANGEhttps://pro.bitphantom.io/trading/owneth

Token Store DEX — https://token.store/eth/trade/OWN

CoinCodex — https://coincodex.com/crypto/own-token/.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/OwnToken

Telegram : https://t.me/tokenOWN

Saturn network forum — https://forum.saturn.network/t/own-token-project-announcement-1-1-2-update/6990

DEX Listinghttps://www.saturn.network/exchange/ETH/order-book/0xcc6f15be8573cb8243c42d300565566d328213dd

Apps : OWN Token Listed in Crypto portfolio price and market checking Apps ‘Blockfolio and Delta’’ just add coin and search ‘’OWN Token’’ create translation.




Crypto & Blockchain lover :)

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OWN Token Official

OWN Token Official

Crypto & Blockchain lover :)

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