Presenting the OWN Token o-ABC: An Academy for Decentralized Education and Awareness About Crypto

The problem

Although many governments throughout the world are recognizing the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and are seeking to build a regulatory framework around them, the sentiment among the general public about cryptocurrency ranges from skeptical to straight up negative. In early 2020, the Supreme Court of India, for example, overturned a ruling by the Reserve Bank of India, that forbade banks and payment providers from dealing in crypto and providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the government sentiment regarding cryptocurrency is still very negative in India, and a law is being drafted to put a blanket ban on the same. There are other countries as well that have followed the regressive step of banning cryptocurrency altogether. In such an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), it is easy to see why the general public is so skeptical about cryptocurrency and the blockchain ecosystem, and knows so little about the same.

So how do we solve it?

By applying a decentralized approach to educating the masses about cryptocurrency and blockchain, we can counter this negative sentiment and create palpable change. A well-educated public will push for legislation that benefits them, and in turn, the blockchain ecosystem. Japan, for example, was an early adopter of cryptocurrency, making XRP (Ripple) legal tender within the country. We at the OWN Token project aim to, among other things, facilitate this education and be a catalyst for change.

What IS the OWN Token? And how will it help?

The OWN Token is an ERC-20 token (a cryptocurrency token on the Ethereum blockchain) that seeks to decentralize philanthropy, education, scientific research and startup funding. By virtue of being a token, it is spared many of the vicissitudes of traditional altcoins, such as diminshing returns stemming from mining (tokens can’t be mined). The OWN Token project is proud to present as a first step, the OWN Token o-ABC, an academy that facilitates and decentralizes blockchain education.

Introducing o-ABC

o-ABC is an acronym for ‘Online Academy for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency’. It aims to educate the masses about cryptocurrency and the far-reaching benefits of blockchain technology. Within the academy will be online courses, which will lead up to a certificate. To enroll in the Academy, a student must simply pay a tiny amount of money, either in the form of OWN, or via alternate payment gateways. It is our hope that our students will make this world a better place, and push for positive legislation for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. o-ABC is a nonprofit initiative, just like the OWN Token project itself, and aims to decentralize blockchain and cryptocurrency education.

We will be announcing more details about the specifics of o-ABC and the courses offered soon. Till then, keep an eye on our social handles. And remember to join our subreddit, r/owntoken.

Stay home, stay safe, and remember, #OWNToMoon

By Charioteer Mode

Crypto & Blockchain lover :)